Local herbal medicine provides an inexpensive and accessible option for individual and community health, empowering people through the combination of healthcare, food justice, and earth stewardship.


OUR Mission

Our mission is to build an accessible and sustainable local medicine movement in the Central Texas region. We are committed to building a connection between plants and people through the organic cultivation of high-quality herbs, products, and community education. 


OUR practices

Herban Austin believes in not only eating locally, but treating locally. Utilizing organic and sustainable growing practices on our small farm in East Austin, TX, we provide botanicals of the highest quality and efficacy to our surrounding community and beyond. Our company is composed of licensed health practitioners as well as experienced organic farmers to bridge the gap between healthcare, herbal purity & potency, and earth stewardship. 

Drawing upon traditional herbal knowledge, in addition to evidence-based medicine and research, we strive to create medicinal products that meet the needs of our community. Our farm focuses on polyculture over monoculture in order to create a diverse growing environment that promotes a wild quality potency within our plants. Through organoleptic examination, microbiological methods testing for molds, yeasts, total bacteria, and other contaminants, Herban Austin's botanical products ensure the utmost quality and safety. 

Through educational community classes, we promote awareness surrounding local medicine, sustainable living, and herb cultivation. Our certified and licensed practitioners offer consultations, classes, plant walks, and much more around the Central Texas region. 

“...Growing medicinal herbs in a sustainable manner is a healing endeavor not just for the intended users but for the plants and environment as a whole.”
— PEG SCHAFER, owner and author of The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm

Our Prinicples

  • Maintain integrity through the cultivation of wild quality herbs and sustainable harvesting practices.                                   
  • Encourage plant preservation through alliance with United Plant Savers.                                                                                    
  • Utilize research studies that refrain from testing on animals.        
  • Offer medicine makers a potent & sustainable alternative to wildcrafting and environmental plant depletion.                         
  • Aid in environmental pollination by providing diverse habitats for soil organisms, insects, and other creatures. 
  • Minimize waste as much as possible through composting and the utilization of recycled materials.
  • Provide affordable and accessible educational opportunities to the Central Texan community and beyond.

  • Promote a strong community through uniting healthcare providers and local farmers.

  • Utilize polyculture growing techniques to encourage diversity and synergistic environmental effects between plants.                                                                                   

  • Unite traditional & folk medicine practitioners with conventional medical practitioners to better the modern healthcare system.